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MPC5643L FCCU interrupts not occuring

Question asked by twp on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Vijay Ravi

We are developing a system in which we need to log alarms and faults generated by the FCCU on the MPC5643L.  To test this I am Injecting fake critical and non-critical faults, critical faults should generate an NMI which we have attached a logging function to, and the interrupt controller has a handler assigned to 250 which should catch the alarm interrupts. This code has previously worked and I managed to record alarm codes to shadow flash, however neither of these handlers are now being called.  I know that the critical fault injection is still functioning as it generates a RESET and transition to SAFE mode but there is no response to the non-critical fault injection.


Is there any way in which the interrupts could be disabled?  The register FCCU.IRQ_EN only has a single field for the Configuration Time Out interrupt.


The non-critical fault I am testing is enabled and has a timeout enabled so the FCCU should transition to the ALARM state.


Any help appreciated,