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Runing I2S demo on TWR-K60F120

Question asked by amleng on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by likong

Hi community,


I make a setup with TWRk60F120 and TWR-Audio-SGTL and try to run i2s MQX 4.02 on it. Once I run the demo it initializes the codec chip and creates sell and sd card tasks and everything looks good. Then I tried to execute 'play' command. To do that I copied

a "*.wav file" in the sd card and issued the following command:


shell> play sai: a:\wav_record.wav


this is what i got from the board:


Playback information

  Sampling frequency:     16000 Hz

  Bit depth:              16 bits

  Channels:               mono

  Data rate:              32 kbyte/s


  Playing a file...DONE


  Playback stats

  Total interrupts:              16797

  Bytes requested for transmit:  133942

  Bytes transmitted:             133942

  Underruns of hardware FIFO:    0

  Software buffer empty:         54



it looks that it playing the file but I couldn't get sound out of speaker which is connected to j12. I oscoped the line_out jack and no signal on it.


I wonder if I need to change anything or issue an other command to get the code up and run? any suggestion?