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Access i.mx6 GPIO pads on Sabre SD

Question asked by Roelof Berg on Apr 1, 2014
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Question: What's the best way to connect to an i.mx6 GPIO input (and optionally also ouput) pad on a Sabre SD ?


Ideas: Is there maybe a way to abuse pins meant for other interfaces by clever pinmuxing ? Or is there any kind of pin connected to any interrupt (it doesn't have to be an GPIO interrupt, any interrupt would do) ? I noticed VOL UP/DN buttons, maybe this could also be an option ?


Background: To support a management decision we have to evaluate the realtime behavior of i.mx6 processors by connecting a signal generator to a GPIO input (and optionally also a scope to an output) pad. Our evaluation can only be done on the Sabre SD board because we need a certain RTOS that is running a certain application which is available only for the Sabre SD by now. And as an external circumstance we have not enough time to port the solution (BSP and QT5) to another board, like the Sabre Lite.


Thank you in advance.


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