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PWM in assembly code

Question asked by CristinaMares on Apr 1, 2014
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Hi, I'm working with an evaluation board CSM-12C32 (HCS12C32) and I'm having some problems using PWM, here is my code:



        MOVB  $01, MODRR  

        MOVB  $00, PWMPOL

        MOVB  $01, PWMCLK 

        MOVB  $01, PWMPRCLK

        MOVB  $00, PWMCAE 

        MOVB  $00, PWMSCLA

        MOVB  $80, PWMDTY0

        MOVB  $FF, PWMPER0

        MOVB  $01, PWME   


Spin:    BRA   Spin 


But I get nothing in the Bit0, Port T.... Is there anything else I should set or configure besides MODRR to enable PWM in Port T??
Please help me