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MQX C++ project in CodeWarrior

Question asked by Neerav Karani on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski


I want to develop a C++ project with TWR-K60D100M (MK60DN512VMD10 Kinetics MCU), using MQX(version 4.0.2). I am using the CodeWarrior v10.5. I have followed the procedure from this thread (EWL C++ in MQX.) and am able to build and run the cplus example application. I would now like to create a new project with the same settings and I am unable to do that so far. I have the following doubts regarding this problem:


1. Do I need to select the GCC or the Freescale option in the ARM build tools option while creating the project? What's the difference between the two? Is one better than the other for a c++ project?

2. I selected the GCC option because the cplus example project uses that. But there is no option to select the language while creating a new project and by default, project properties -> C/C++ build -> Settings -> tool settings shows the GCC C compiler instead of the GCC C++ compiler in the example cplus project. How can this be changed?

3. I tried doing what use c++ with/in mqx thread says, but there is no 'Force C++ compilation' option when the GCC compiler is selected and merely changing the filename from .h to .hpp seems rather hacky (or is it?).


Also, are there any other known issues of using MQX to write C++ projects (As this Re: Bug: Cpp Example - Global Object with new/malloc in Construct thread seems to suggest)?


I will be immensely grateful for any leads on these issues.


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