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LIN bus -wake up needed for test

Discussion created by Mike jaras on Aug 21, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by Celso Monteiro
I'm desperate to solve a LIN-bus sensor problem. I connected two angle sensors from a car to a power source and a oscilloscope to the output pin of the sensor. I guess one sensor is the master and the other is a slave. But there is nothing coming out from the sensors. I was expecting a PWM-signal.
My qeustion, is the sensors expecting a wake-up signal before they will deliver any kind of data stream. Do I need a lin-bus simulator to send the wake-up and determine if the sensor is broken?

What I really try to achieve is a out of the car test bench so I can set up a LIN-bus device and determine if it is broken.

I'll be thankfull for any advice.