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Component RealTime_LDD - Code gets “stuck” in init

Question asked by JD Jenzano on Mar 28, 2014
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Component RealTime_LDD - I found on a TWR-K70F120M on CW 10.5 PE 10.3 project that the Periodic interrupt source property for FTM0 defaults to FTM_MOD  (Modulo register)  - When this happens (In my case) the code hangs (loops in the init code – does not return) in any init methods - auto at PE_low_level_init(); or where init is manually set. If I change it to FTM0_C0V it seems to work OK. - Also used the information post at - Real Time counter will not start and run using Processor Expert with FRDM-K20D50M board and the same help typical usage example


Looked in the K70 Sub-Family Reference Manual and I do not understand what either of these registers have to do with Periodic interrupt source property but it would seem that the value to compare is held in the register. Maybe the register is used just because it was needed to be stored somewhere?  Anyone have an idea why the FTM0_MOD does not work OK? Is picking FTM0_C0V OK? – Both registers seem the same for storing values