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iMX537 issues

Question asked by Chiranjeevi Matada on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Chiranjeevi Matada

Hi All,


I am using iMX537 in my target board and finding peculiar problem while programming. In my target board whenever i am trying to program, iMX537 doesnt responds to the JTAG connectivity.

On doubting the BGA soldering, i pressed the BGA it started responding. Then i tried to reduce my contact pressure on the chip still it works. Later i tried on other 2 target boards found the similar behavior. There after i concluded that its not soldering issues. Even a simple touch will make the iMX537 to respond. One observation that i did was when ever i turn on the power to the board initially target board consumes 250mA @ 8.4V. Later when i touch the iMX537 the current consumption changes to 300mA @ 8.4V , It starts responding to JTAG even though i am not touching.


Please suggest me solutions if someone has faced similar sort of issue in there design or is it any peculiar behavior of some iMX537 batch.