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microSD/SPI issue initializing card

Question asked by Richard Sabourin on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Richard Sabourin

Hi all,

I have experience with Kinetis and SPI, but this is my first time bringing up an SD card interface. Starting with a TWR-K20D72M tower board, I have wired a microSD card (proto board from MicroElectronika) to SPI0 through the TWRPI connector J8.

The init sequence is well known, and I'm 95% sure the signals are getting to the card, but the MISO line seems to not be driven properly by the card. It's just some sort of reflection. A couple of scope shots of CMD0 are attached. The clock speed is ~ 180 KHz.


I've seen a couple old postings of this issue in other forums, but no solution. Anybody seen this before, and know what it means? Any advice appreciated!