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I'm porting a bootloader to my MK10DN512VLL10. Trouble verifying written bytes?

Question asked by markosiponen on Mar 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I'm porting a bootloader to my MK10DN512VLL10. I have used it in an MKL15Z128VFT4 before wihout problems.


When I execute a "Program Longword" and then read back the four written bytes I get a miss match. But if i single step my code it works.


If I disable the verification I can successfully download my application to flash with my bootloader.


I suspect the cache memory is the problem and it reads back the four bytes from cache memory and not from flash?


How do I make sure i really read back the four bytes from flash and not cache?





I found this Flash cache invalidate.


So i tested to disable the cache before and after write to flash and it works.


    PFB0CR_restore = FMC->PFB0CR;

    FMC->PFB0CR = PFB0CR_restore | FMC_PFB0CR_CINV_WAY(15); <--- I selected all as I don't know what else to select




    FMC->PFB0CR = PFB0CR_restore;