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LRAE not preloaded

Discussion created by Jeff Smith on Aug 20, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2007 by kef
Remember all the hype saying that soon Freescale would ship certain MPU (i.e. MC9S12C32) preloaded with the LRAE bootloader (Load Ram And Execute)?

Well, did anybody ever explain why they changed their mind, because I am still wondering. I started trying to use `hc12mem`, a command tool for Linux that would help overcome the drawbacks of FSL not supporting D-Bug12. I found that this is yet another utility that was relying on the preloaded bootloader to be shipped:
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LRAE is available for a wide selection of HCS12 MCUs. Source code, S-record files and description can be obtained from Freescale as Application Note - AN2546. This bootloader is supposedly loaded into new HCS12 MCUs as last stage of factory processing, thus some "fresh" parts straight from Freescale should have this bootloader already in FLASH memory.
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This reminded me to ask again the question that I hear asked, but I never do hear answered:
Why is FSL no longer planning to preload anything with LARE? It seemed very practical because it would give us more options, but still never get in the way if we didn't need it (easy to quickly erase, or just ignore if the programmer detects and erases memory automatically).

And why not answer this:  Why not let us order a batch of MCU, and specify that we want LARE? Can we do that anywhere you know of?

Thanks, anyone with answers.