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MPC5125 LocalPlus Bus Question

Question asked by Tim Hutchinson on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by Tim Hutchinson

Hi All,

     I have a project that access several devices on the LocalPlus bus and I'm having a problem accessing addresses where the extended address bits (AX3 - AX0) are set to a one. When I try (under CodeWarrior debugger control) the code crashes by making an opcode fetch from some invalid address. I'm sure that I've missed some step in setting up the LocalPlus bus, I'm just not seeing it. I'm hoping a quick comment from someone who's used this processor can shorten my discovery time ..


Read/Write OK (CS[0] Access Window)

     0x1000_0000 to 0x10FF_FFFF (16MB)

Read / Write Causes Crash (CS[0] Access Window)



Ideas, thoughts, suggestions?





DDR Memory is all from:

      0x0000_0000 to 0x0FFF_FFFF (256MB)


LPC Setup:


Access Windows LPBAW and LPCS0AW set for 0x1000_0000 to 0x1FFF_FFFF (256 MB):

REGIO_RegWriteWord(0x00000020, 0x10001FFF, gcNO);     //LPBAW  - LocalPlus Boot Access Window = 0x1000_0000 - 0x1FFF_FFFF (256MB)
REGIO_RegWriteWord(0x00000024, 0x10001FFF, gcNO);     //LPCS0AW - LocalPlus CS0 Access Window=0x1100_0000 - 0x11FF_FFFF (256MB)
                                                       //Bits(31-16)  - START_ADR Value specified is appended with 0x0000
                                                       //Bits(15-00)  - STOP_ADR Value specified is appended with 0xFFFF



LPC_CS0BOOTC - Chip select 0 configuration register set for 8 bit access with Read and Write waitstates

REGIO_RegWriteWord(0x00010000, 0x02021010, gcNO); //LPC_CS0BOOTC - Chip select 0 configuration register
                                                  //b[31] 0000:0010:0000:0010  0001:0000:0001:0000 b[0]
                                                  //Bits(31-24)  - WaitP, Wait states to insert (see bits 4,5)
                                                  //Bits(23-16)  - WaitX, Base number of wait states to insert(see bits 4,5)
                                                  //Bit(15)      - MX, Muxed or nonmuxed bus transactions (*0=non-muxed, 1=muxed)
                                                  //Bit(14)      - ALEV, ALE level (*0=ALE is active low, 1=active high)
                                                  //Bit(13)      - AA, ACK input active (*0=ACK input is not active, 1=active)
                                                  //Bit(12)      - CE, Individual CS enable bit (0=External CS is disabled, *1=enabled)
                                                  //Bits(11-10)  - ALEN, ALE length
                                                  //   *00=ALE width is 1 LPC clock
                                                  //    01=ALE width is 2 LPC clocks
                                                  //    10=ALE width is 3 LPC clocks
                                                  //    11=ALE width is 4 LPC clocks
                                                  //Bits(9-8)    - DS, Data size field (device databus size in bytes)
                                                  //   *00=1 byte  (8 bits)
                                                  //    01=2 bytes (16 bits)
                                                  //    10=reserved
                                                  //    11=4 bytes (32 bits)
                                                  //Bit(7)       - BM, Burst mode (*0=synchronous bust mode, 1=async bust mode)
                                                  //Bit(6)       - ADDRM, Address mode (*0=byte addressing(always used on 8 bit bus), 1=word addressing)
                                                  //Bits(5-4)    - WTyp, Wait state type (how the WaitP and WaitX values are applied)
                                                  //    00=WaitX is applied to read & write cycles (waitP is ignored)
                                                  //   *01=WaitX is applied to read cycles, WaitP is applied to write cycles
                                                  //    10=WaitX is applied to reads, WaitP/WaitX (16 bit value) is applied to writes
                                                  //    11=WaitP/WaitX (16 bit value) is applied to reads and writes
                                                  //Bit(3)       - WS, Write swap bit (*0=no swapping, 1=endian byte swapping can occur)
                                                  //Bit(2)       - RS, Read swap bit (*0=no swapping, 1=endian byte swapping can occur)
                                                  //Bit(1)       - WO, Write only bit (*0=device is not write only, 1=device is write only)
                                                  //Bit(0)       - RO, Read only bit (*0=device is not read only, 1=device is read only)




Enable the Global Output Control Bit

REGIO_RegWriteByte(0x0000A001, 0x01, gcNO);      //IO_CTL_GBOBE Global Output Enable Control Register, set GB_OBE bit(0)
                                                  //This enables all output pins set to use FunctMUX[00] this includes OE, RW and CS0




Enable the Master Chip Select bit

REGIO_RegWriteWord(0x00010020, 0x01000000, gcNO); //LPC_CSC  - Chip Select Control Register, Set Master Enable(ME) bit(24)
              //Bits(31-28)  - Unused
              //Bit(27)      - IE, Interrupt enable bit(*0=no, 1=yes)
              //Bits(26-25)  - Unused
              //Bit(24)      - ME, Master Enable Bit (0=register access can occur but no extern transactions, *1=extern CS active)
              //Bits(23-0)   - Unused



Configure the pins that support the LocalPlus Bus for their required operations (All Function[0], fast slew rate, no pull up/down, etc.)

REGIO_RegWriteByte(0x0000A009, 0x03, gcNO);   //STD_PU LPC_AX03
 REGIO_RegWriteByte(0x0000A00A, 0x03, gcNO);   //STD_PU LPC_AX02
REGIO_RegWriteByte(0x0000A00B, 0x03, gcNO);   //STD_PU LPC_AX01
REGIO_RegWriteByte(0x0000A00C, 0x03, gcNO);   //STD_PU LPC_AX00
//          :
//Same for all other LPC Bus pins (OE, RW, CS0, AD0-AD29)
//     :
                                             //STD_PU Register Layout Page(20-8)
                                             //Set bits(7-0) [BIT_7] 0000_0011 [BIT_0] to enable:
                                             //Bit(7)    - Unused
                                             //Bits(6-5) - FUNCMUX Choose pin alt function
                                             //    00=AltFunction 1
                                             //    01=AltFunction 2
                                             //    10=AltFunction 3
                                             //    11=AltFunction 4
                                             //Bit(4)    - PUD Pull up/down direction (*0=pull down enbld, 1=pull up enbld)
                                             //Bit(3)    - PUE Enable pull up/down resistors (*0=no, 1=yes)
                                             //Bit(2)    - ST Schmitt trigger enable (*0=disabled, 1=enabled) *STD_PU_ST only*
                                             //Bits(1-0) - DS Drive slew rate
                                             //    00=Slew Rate Config 0 (140nS)
                                             //    01=Slew Rate Config 1 (19nS)
                                             //    10=Slew Rate Config 2 (9.8nS)
                                             //    11=Slew Rate Config 3 (1.4nS)*