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It is not possible to erase the MCU flash, help. :-(

Question asked by markosiponen on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by markosiponen

I use a MK10DN512VLL10.


I can't erase the memory of my MCU. But I can still debug the application through JTAG. I "played" with protection settings when this happened. I'm making a bootloader that I want to protect.


The flash configuration memory from 0x400 and forward is:


0x400 = FF

0x401 = FF

0x402 = FF

0x403 = FF

0x404 = FF

0x405 = FF

0x406 = FF

0x407 = FF

0x408 = FE (FPROT0) <---- The first part of the FLASH is protected. I think this prevents mass erase???

0x409 = FF (FPROT1)

0x40A = FF (FPROT2)

0x40B = FF (FPROT3)

0x40C = FA (FSEC)  

0x40D = FF (FOPT)

0x40E = FF (FEPROT)

0x40F = FF (FDPROT)


Is it possible to erase the memory in some way or do I have to replace the MCU?