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Floating point in shell

Question asked by Matthew Kendall on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Matthew Kendall

MQX 4.0 on Kinetis K60; hardware floating point; Ethernet port managed by RTCS task; Telnet task listens on port 23 and spawns Shell tasks on connect; all in the usual way.


Some of the commands that the shell executes need to use floating point. Other tasks also use floating point. To ensure FP registers are preserved on context switches my understanding is that all the tasks that use floating point must have the MQX_FLOATING_POINT_TASK attribute set. I have set this attribute on all my other tasks that use floating point, but there appears to be no way to get the RTCS Telnet task to set this attribute on the Shell tasks that it spawns.


Before I implement some nasty hack, has anyone come across this before? What is the cleanest way to get this attribute set on the spawned shell tasks?