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CW5.7 + PK-HCS12E128 + Processor Expert

Question asked by bob balderson on Aug 20, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2007 by bob balderson
I'm trying to work with some old projects I created with CW3.1 for the PK-HCS12E128 evaluation board.
I have lost the original installation along with the CW3.1 update so have installed CW5.7 and the original  Softec drivers from CD on W2K Server SP4.
All works fine for straight C projects, BUT Processor Expert is totally broken, even for the given Softec ADC example project. Loading this project gives this error:
The following access path in target "SofTec" of project "ADC.mcp" cannot be found:{Compiler}bin\Plugins\support\ProcessorExpert\PESL\HCS12The following access path in target "SofTec" of project "ADC.mcp" cannot be found:{Compiler}bin\Plugins\support\ProcessorExpert

I removed those paths (as indeed they did not exist) but was then met with further PE problems saying that there was was no valid license file for adc.sys, mpu.sys, ...  (I think that's what they were called).
Is there some other license for PE or some installation procedure I need to carry out? I am currently using the evaluation license.dat that came with CW5.7.  It does not appear to have any entries for PE.
Any advice gratefully received!