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has anyone faced an issues while wrtining fuses ?

Question asked by Vadim Lomovtsev on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Vadim Lomovtsev

I've tried to burn SRK, OTPM and MEM0 fuses according to documents "i.MX 6 Linux High Assurance Boot (HAB) User's Guide, Rev L3.0.35_4.1.0, 09/2013" in order to enable Secure Boot feature.

The SRKs burned well. However while burning and checking OTPM and MEM0 I've faced following issues:


issue #1 .

When trying to burn OTPMKn with following comman:

      # echo 0x975b69a7 > HW_OCOTP_OTPMK0


the board seems to be waiting for reply or something forever and nothing happens.

Still the "Ctrl-C" returns me into back to shell but it looks like no data written into fuse since I've got following:
      # cat HW_OCOTP_OTPMK0

Issue #2.

When reading the SRKn or MEM0 fuses just after reboot I got correct values. Readings are always fine until I tried to read OTPMKn.

The only first read of OTPMKn (n could be any) provides following:

     # cat HW_OCOTP_OTPMK0


After that all further attempts to read values from OTP provides nothing:

     # cat HW_OCOTP_OTPMK1

     # cat HW_OCOTP_OTPMK2

     # cat HW_OCOTP_SRK*


Has anyone faced this issues and may be there some fix for that?


My board is "Utilite" (by Compulab) CM-FX6 board, based on i.MX6 Dual-Core processor.