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How do we do Interrupt generation in mems Accelerometer when data is ready using I2C ?

Question asked by Amit Kumar on Mar 25, 2014


I am using FXOS8700CQ mems Accelerometer + Magnetometer. I want to extract data from the device only when data ready flag is high. I have configured the interrupt register at INT1 pin to data ready flag, by default the pin goes high when an interrupt is generated. I am using K60 uc now on probing the interrupt pin, I can see the interrupt pin giving the square wave. following was the algo for activating interrupt

CTRL_REG4 ------> 0x01;

CTRL_REG5 ------> 0x01;


when I am polling data in infinite loop i.e

for (;;)


     read all data ();


I am getting the following wave  yellow---->SCL clock

blue -------> Interrupt (data ready)


when I try doing like






I am getting the following trace



inthe ISR I am reading all acelerometer and magnetometer data (as I am using Hybrid mode) so the interrupt flag should go low and also the clock at SCL should be there but nothing is happening.

Please look into the matter.


Amit Kumar