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568000E Flash Programmer error Data @ Address ignored

Question asked by Scott McMillan on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Scott McMillan

I'm using the command line to program a 56800E device. While I am programming the device I see an error reported "Data @ address ignored". The application code and boot loader code I am downloading are "working" as far as I can tell, but I am uncertain why data is being written outside of 0-0x7FFF. Do I have to much code/data or is my cmd file incorrectly setup? The flash programmers guide seems to imply I am writing outside flash sector but I am looking for details. I'm a bit of a perpetual noob so any suggestions would be helpful.



Data @ 0x00008000 ignored

Data @ 0x0000807C ignored

Data @ 0x000080F8 ignored




and more Data @ Address


Flash unit #0 (P:0x000000-0x007FFF) Erased, and Checked Blank

Flash unit #0 (P:0x000000-0x007FFF) programmed, 9575 words written

Flash unit #0 (P:0x000000-0x007FFF) Verification Passed CRC32 (0xa7919d08)

Resetting the device to user mode...

Init: 9001ms, Erase: 296ms, Program: 1451ms, Verify: 1966ms, Exit Debug: 296ms,