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Cannot debug board with e500v2 processor on C++ project

Question asked by Eliot Dudley on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Yiping Wang

Just a heads up so maybe others can save some time.  Brought up CodeWarrior for Power Architecture,  Version: 10.3.3,  Build Id:131024 and attempted to run hello_world example according to the quick start instructions.  Foolishly, I checked c++ instead of c as project type and the system never got to main(). 


The problem is already described in the release notes. The workaround is to replace libc++_E500V2.a  with libstdc++_E500V2.a.  Here's some search strings that may lead someone to the answer more quickly:


static Metrowerks::console_outputbuf<char> fout(stdout);

fout.pubsetbuf(0, 0);


   wchar_t      ungetwc_buffer[__ungetc_buffer_size];

#endif /* _EWL_WIDE_CHAR */





The good news is that finding the defect was a good exercise in using the debugger.