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EIM Bus Timing Parameters

Question asked by Tom Dickson on Mar 25, 2014
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     In the i.MX6 Dual/Quad Applications Processor for Industrial Products data sheet, table 37 gives the EIM bus timing parameters.  They appear to not be related to the timing waveform diagrams: figure 12, 13, etc.


     For example, the WE4 parameter is described as "Clock rise to address valid" and is a maximum value.  On Figure 12, the WE4 parameter is shown from EIM_ADDRxx to EIM_BCLK which does not make sense.  A maximum value from the address to BCLK does not match the description(or cause and effect)


     I would assume the WE4 parameter is the clock to output time from EIM Clock(not BCLK) to the EIM_ADDRxx output.  That would also make sense if the value is a maximum(i.e. causing the minimum amount of setup time at the target).


     Does anyone have the correct timing waveform diagrams that match the descriptions in table 37?


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