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4 eTSEC on MPC8641-HPCN board

Question asked by Ashish Khetan on Mar 25, 2014
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I have been facing a problem from last 2 weeks with Ethernet on my MPC8641-HPCN based custom board. I Ported Linux 3.0.101 on this board and it is successfully working with only one eTSEC1 while others are not even pinging. In u-boot all 4 eTSECs are working but eTSEC2 and eTSEC3 are working at 100Mbps. we are using the same phy ie vsc8244 in RGMII mode and for each phy interface a separate interrupt is given. So is it a limitation in linux that only one eTSEC port should work(eTSEC1)? or am i misguided ? please through some light on this or Any pointer will be helpfull.




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