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wait instruction in MPC5633M

Question asked by Pavel Havlik on Mar 25, 2014
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I need to use 'wait' instruction with WC field equal 1. Opcode of the instruction according to

EREF 2.0: A Programmer’s Reference Manual for Freescale Power Architecture® Processors

and Power ISA™ Version 2.07

shall be:  0x7C20007C

But I'm getting program exception. Only when I use 0x7C00007C (wait with WC=0), no exception is generated.

Documents above read that if some WC other than 0 is not implemented, bahaviour of the instruction should equal to the one with WC = 0.

I'd like to ask if the instruction (wait with WC=1)  is really not implemented or if I do something wrong.


Thank you in advance