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How to change framesize correctly ?

Question asked by wolfgang schwab on Mar 24, 2014

Hello guys,


in order to read data with SPI I have to read with 18 clocks(data sheet ADC). The default framesize is 1 byte. If I read 3 times the problem is a pause between each byte. This probably causes errors.

Here is the code I wrote so far:


uint_32 frame = 24;

_io_ioctl(spi, IO_IOCTL_SPI_SET_FRAMESIZE, &frame);

_io_read(spi, &buffer, 1);


This doesnt work because the clock only sends one pulse and data can not be read.

If I change it to

_io_read(spi, &buffer, 24);

I get 24 pulses but no data on my MISO.

I'd be thankful for advice