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FXLC95000 Evaluation Kit question / MQX 3.7

Question asked by Ryan DeVille on Mar 24, 2014

Hello All,


I'm trying to recompile the MQX 3.7 BSP for the FXLC95000 Evaluation Kit to enable the I2C master.  My problem is when I recompile the BSP with the user_config.h file with the line


#define BSPCFG_ENABLE_I2C0          1


an error is generated in the i2c_fxlc95000.c file, complaining of undefined identifiers FXLC95000_INT_Viic1 on line 84, similar for lines 87, 55, 58.  Usually these types of errors are because an include file did not get included or a path error.  But I have tried grepping for the above string on the mqx/source path, and the only file that comes back with this identifier is the i2c_fxlc95000.c file...this doesn't seem to be defined anywhere I can find.


To recreate:


Use CodeWarrior 10.5

Download ISF 1.1 from freescale site: XTRINSIC_ISF: Xtrinsic Intelligent Sensing Framework

Update the MQX 3.7 for the evaluation kit: XTRINSIC_ISF: Xtrinsic Intelligent Sensing Framework

(from the download page)

Follow the steps in AN4287 to create custom BSP based upon the FXLC95000eval

Modify line in user_config.h

Attempt to compile BSP