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CW "Timing of the following devices is mutually blocked: TC0;TC1"

Question asked by GARY OLMSTEAD on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2014 by ZhangJennie

Hi --


I am using CW for HCS12; I don't know the version, but it is pretty old.  I have a program that I wrote several years ago, and it has compiled and run just fine all along.  This installation of CW has not been used for any other code in the meantime, but later versions of CW have been used with other processors on this computer, if makes a difference.


Anyway, now I have to upgrade the code.  I loaded it, and ran a trial compile before making any changes.  The compile failed with the message "Timing settings in high speed mode.  Timing of the following devices are mutually blocked: TC0;TC1".   The same message appears at both timers.  There are no other errors showing.  The peripherals in question are freerunning timers set to 100 and 400 usec respectively.  Changing the time makes no difference; neither does moving one timer to another channel.


Any suggestions?



Gary Olmstead

Toucan Technology