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i.mx6 : RED/BLUE/GREEN bit positions in parallel display output

Question asked by Kyu-Myoung Lee on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by Kyu-Myoung Lee


I want to connect triple 8bit Video DAC to i.mx6 for VGA output.

For schematic drawing, I have to know which portion of 24bit parallel display data pin(DISP0_DAT[23:0]) is corresponding to each color component(RED/GREEN/BLUE).

I couldn't find the information in the i.mx6 reference manual.

After searching this community, I found the following information.


Table 2 in Different Display Configurations on i.MX35 Linux PDK(AN3974, )


I can guess the following pin map in i.mx6 based on the table.

DISP0_DAT[23:16] => RED[7:0]

DISP0_DAT[15:8] => GREEN[7:0]

DISP0_DAT[7:0] => BLUE[7:0]


But because the table describes only i.mx35(not i.mx6), I'm not sure that my guess is correct in i.mx6.

So I want someone with authority to convince me that I can draw schematic of the i.mx6 board based on the information above.