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Setting the permissions permanently for serialport

Question asked by Arun Mondkar on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by Yixing Kong


         I loaded Adeneo android 2.3.3version image on imx53quick sort board its working fine . But when i write the data and through the serial port application with /dev/ttymxc0 port it is giving read/write permissions are needed. For that i did  temporally by setting chmod 777 /dev/ttymxc0 through minicom its working perfectly . so my quesion is how to set the permissions permanently in Android (In linux we will modify init.rc file) so how should i proceed further , and i changed

1) i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/src/device/fsl/imx53_loco/init.rc  with chmod 0777 /dev/ttymxc0 .After this i compiled   but no success

2)i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/src/device/fsl/imx5x/init.rc with chmod 0777 /dev/ttymxc0 . After this i compiled   but no success

3)i.MX53-QSB-Android-Gingerbread-Release4.3/src/system/core/rootdir/init.rc with chmod 0777 /dev/ttymxc0 After this i compiled   but no success

So i followed above procedures but all fail can any one please give me suggestion how to set the permanent permissions in Android for /dev/ttymxc0

       And also can i change the permissions in the Serial port apk through android application development tool ??????????? if that is possible please give me the solution how to do in application development

Thanx in advance