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(FRDM-KE02Z + Codewarrior) first steps

Question asked by Clovisf on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by Clovisf

Hi guys!. I`m coming from the HDL (FPGA) world and I`ve got a ton of questions on how to do my firsts steps on programming the KE02Z board+ Codewarrior.


There are some pre-compiled examples "drag-n-drop" style that I have tested, but no comprehensive documentation on how to program the microcontroller by yourself! (from scratch) eg: which register should I set (and with which value) to turn a certain pin on? What is the reserved word I should use to address a certain port? How to set it as a input? how about setting as output?.


What is the structure of a C program I should use in order to put my code into? Which register I should set? which I should not?.

Is there any comprehensive documentation regarding the very first steps? (I did not find anything useful about this on the Freescale website...).


Thank you all