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UDOO: I2S from iMX6q

Question asked by P A on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by jonashippold

I recently purchased a UDOO quad (featuring a iMX6 quad chip) and would like to use it as source for digital music. I plan to connect the UDOO via I2S to a ES9023 sabre DAC chip which needs MCLK, LRCK, BCK, DATA input. I have a problem to identify the appropriate output from the iMX6 on the UDOO. In principle iMX6 should support I2S, as its documentation  (  says it is capable of outputting I2S via SSI.


UDOO provides access to iMX6 available via a number of GPIOs. In their documentation ( page 12 lower right side box the UDOO creators provide the PIN assignment for I2S. However, I cannot make any sense out of this information, and UDOO helpline was not useful.


Can anyone provide some advice? I am a weekend DYIer and not very well versed in deep technical matters.