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strange pop using sgtl5000

Question asked by ieio on Mar 20, 2014

Hi I am using sgtl5000 on a, imx6 based custom board, and  its alsa driver included in LTIB.

Randomly I hear a pop after I played a WAV, doesn't matter if I play it using aplay or my application.

I always keep Bias ON (echo 1 >/sys/devices/platform/soc-audio.1/HiFi/bias_always_on) to avoid any potential noise due to some mistakes in setting the bits in the CHIP_ANA_POWER register in the right sequence.sgtl5000.jpeg.jpg

As you can see from the image, on LINEOUT there is a negative spike (the pop I hear) after the tone I play.

As I said this spike is apparently random, most of the time the signal is correct and sound clean.

Anyone has some clues about the cause of this behavior?


Thanks in advance,