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Interference between adc channels in TWRK60N512

Question asked by Shiju C G on Mar 18, 2014

Hi ,


I am using TWRK60N512 module along with mqx 4.0.1. I have to use 4 ADC channels in my project, two channels from adc0 (channel 0 and channel 13) and the other two channels from adc1 (channel 0 and channel 16). I used the demo adc code to configure the adc0 and adc1 modules. In my project adc0 is always enabled and the adc1 is enabled only when it is needed. adc1 is working perfectly and getting the output value as desired.The problem is with adc0 ,the result of the channel 0 is interfering with the value in the channel 13.When i read the channel 13 of the adc0 the output depends on the channel 0 of adc0. I have attached the functions that is used to initialize and trigger the adc modules. Can anybody suggest me the reason of the output dependency of  different channels in the adc0 . Can anybody help me to solve the issue?



Shiju C G

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