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How burn a uboot bin to NAND flash of MPC8315 rdb board using codewarrior V8.8?

Question asked by Yang Hua on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by Adrian Stoica

I want to burn uboot image to NAND flash of MPC8315 RDB board using codewarrior V8.8, The DIP switch on board setting is: S3 is 1011, S4 is NAND boot. Codewarrior setting  as following:





The burning failed:  "0 Bytes Programmed, Check Restricted Address Range ". The log as following:

Using restricted address range 0xF8000000 to 0xF9FFFFFF

Programming file C:\CT Project\Disk F\电子\8315RDB\images\u-boot-nand.bin

Using Algorithm: K9F5608x0D.elf

=== Target Configuration Settings
=== Connection:    CodeWarrior USB TAP
=== Target Processor: 8315
=== Target Init File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Freescale\CodeWarrior PA V8.8\PowerPC_EABI_Support\Initialization_Files\PQ2\8315RDB_init.cfg

=== Execute: Program
=== Timestamp:  Wed Mar 19 14:20:14 2014
=== Flash Device:   K9F5608U0D
=== Flash Organization:   32Mx8x1
=== Flash Mem Start Addr: 0xF8000000
=== Flash Mem End Addr:   0xF9FFFFFF
Informing other connection clients that the target is being 'clobbered'.
Loading Flash Device Driver at: 0x00002000
Flash Driver Buffer is at:   0x000046A0
Flash Driver Buffer Size is: 0x0005D960

Initialization Command Succeeded

Programmed total of 0x00000000 bytes

Timestamp:  Wed Mar 19 14:20:19 2014


Anyone can tell me why?