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UBOOT for imx6

Question asked by Kotteeswaran G S on Mar 18, 2014
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I have iMX6 board based on SabreLite, but it has the folloowing configuration

RAM : 4*256MB, 64 bit and NAND Flash.


I used mx6q_sabresd_iram_config to create UBOOT for internal RAM, it works fine.

But My external RAM, it is failing..I am using Manufacturing Tool to load the image, it is successfully loading the image



loading binary file(u-boot.bin) to 27800000, skip=0, fsize=2c3f8 type=aa


<<<181240, 181240 bytes>>>

jumping to 0x27800400



But I don't see any serial port messages..I have to suspect my RAM Configuration, I have the following questions.


1) My board is based on SAbrelite, shall I use default flash_header.S (board/freescale/mx6q_sabrelite)?

2) In sabrelite , the booting is from NOR to this routing I need to change for my board?





Kotteeswaran G S