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Issue booting U-boot on i.mx28evk using openocd jtag

Question asked by Ankur Patel on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Christoph Stoidner

Hello Friends,


I am trying to boot u-boot using Olimex ARM-USB-OCD JTAG on imx28evk. The JTAG gets connected properly but failed to execute the "u-boot.bin" image loaded in RAM.


Below are the steps:

1) Configure the BOOT Switch in NAND boot mode

2) Connect the JTAG with the board

3) Open the Debug Serial Console for i.mx28 under Putty

4) On Linux PC Machine ran the openocd using below command:

    test@test-VirtualBox:~/openocd-0.7.0/tcl$ sudo openocd -f interface/olimex-arm-usb-ocd.cfg -f board/imx28evk.cfg

    Open On-Chip Debugger 0.7.0 (2014-03-17-18:03)

    Licensed under GNU GPL v2

    For bug reports, read


    Info : only one transport option; autoselect 'jtag'

    trst_and_srst separate srst_gates_jtag trst_push_pull srst_open_drain connect_deassert_srst

    adapter_nsrst_delay: 100

    jtag_ntrst_delay: 100

    dcc downloads are enabled

    adapter speed: 9000 kHz


    Info : clock speed 6000 kHz

    Info : JTAG tap: imx28.cpu tap/device found: 0x079264f3 (mfg: 0x279, part: 0x7926, ver: 0x0)

    Info : Embedded ICE version 6

    Info : imx28.cpu: hardware has 2 breakpoint/watchpoint units


4) Open the Telnet to JTAG at port 4444. Ran the Init for imx28 and load the image


    test@test-VirtualBox:~/openocd-0.7.0/tcl$ telnet localhost 4444


    Connected to localhost.

    Escape character is '^]'.

    Open On-Chip Debugger

    > imx28evk_init                                           

    target state: halted

    target halted in Thumb state due to debug-request, current mode: Supervisor

    cpsr: 0x00000073 pc: 0xfffe6478

    MMU: disabled, D-Cache: disabled, I-Cache: disabled

    > load_image u-boot.bin 0x40000100   

    No working memory available. Specify -work-area-phys to target.

    not enough working area available(requested 24)

    no working area available, falling back to memory writes

    444820 bytes written at address 0x40000100

    downloaded 444820 bytes in 97.281677s (4.465 KiB/s)


5) Execute the loaded image:

    > resume 0x40000100


6)  Nothing comes out of Debug Console it remains blank.


Can anyone share their views what I am missing here? I have referred links: and but still couldnt able to boot u-boot from RAM.


Additional Info Output at telnet prompt:

> scan_chain

   TapName             Enabled  IdCode     Expected   IrLen IrCap IrMask

-- ------------------- -------- ---------- ---------- ----- ----- ------

0 imx28.cpu              Y     0x079264f3 0x079264f3     4 0x01  0x0f



Thank you in Advance.