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i.mx6q custom board, system hang in about temperature around in 97 Celsius degree.

Question asked by Wally Yeh on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2014 by Wally Yeh
Dear All:
   we are using i.mx6q custom board with SDK_4.1.0  
    yesterday night we put our i.mx6q custom board into 35℃ thermal chamber, running stress test,


and today morning we got messages that testing is failed. the board hang up the entire system around temperature 97℃.

    but this board tests fine when running the same test in room temperature.

    we have modified some kernel code while doing this test:
    1.  set TEMP_ACTIVE, TEMP_HOT both 388(115℃), and TEMP_CRITICAL 383(110℃) in kernel/driver/mxc/thermal.c
    2.  set ldo_active=off to using ldo_bypass mode, and pass 1.33 volt to chip

    3.  set the cpu freq in 1.2GHz and lock it.


    we think if i.mx6q soc is really hot, it should reach the critical temperature(110℃) and reboot itself. this behavior seems not right.


    any idea or suggestion would be appreciated. thanks.