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Clearing SNVS Interrupts

Question asked by Ryan McGinnis on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by Ryan McGinnis

Using the Vybrid Security Reference Manual (Rev 1, 5/2013) I've been able to write code to configure and setup SNVS for external and wire-mesh tamper events.  I'm able to force tamper and see the indicated in the SNVS_HPSVSR and SNVS_LPSR.


When I enable security violations and setup the interrupts via SNVS_HPSICR and force a tamper event an interrupt will be generated to my software.  How do I clear the SNVS security violation interrupts?  (I've tried writing 0xFFFFFFFF to SNVS_LPSR & SNVS_HPSVSR with no luck.