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Is there still a system hang issue when using IPU during video de-interlacing?

Question asked by Chet Kaufman Employee on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by Chet Kaufman
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From my customer:

We have found that the IPU can be enabled and set to provide deinterlace support on Android.


The VPU decode (VpuDecComponent.cpp) tries to open /dev/mxc_ipu and fails due to a permissions problem. Using:


    chmod 666 /dev/mxc_ipu


allows the open to succeed and the IPU will be used to deinterlace.


There is information about enabling the IPU for decode in the following forum threads:


The latter thread mentions that the deinterlace mode is disabled because "we found some problem for IPU in MX6Q, will cause system hang in some cases. This issue is still in checking."


It used to be if opening the /data/omx_post_process file mentioned in that thread failed the code would explicitly disable IPU post processing.  That code has been removed, so it appears that the current situation where the IPU post processing is disabled might be just an accident of the permissions on the /dev/mxc_ipu device.


So, we're wondering if there's still a concern about the system hang if the IPU post-processing is activated?  Is there any information about how the hang might be reproduced so we can verify that it no longer occurs?