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Problem Connecting USB "Multilink Universal" Programmer to CodeWarrior 10.5

Question asked by vahid elc86 on Mar 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2014 by vahid elc86


I want to program MC12311 IC which has HCS08QE32 MCU in it, using PE USB Multilink Universal and CodeWarrior 10.5 on a win7-64bit platform.

codewarrior detects Multilink Universal Programmer but fails to connect when erase/debugging mcu.

here are the screenshots of problems:


image 1: the Multilink Universal is detected and installed automatically by windows. (USB Multilink 2.0)




image 2: this error appears when I run Debugger: it asks to turn off and on the MCU power.




image 3: powering off/on doesn't help with the previous error, and this new error appears, and fails to program/debug.


How can I solve this problem?!


any helps are highly appreciated.