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IMX6SLEVK debug uart problems

Question asked by Egor Rumjantsev on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by Egor Rumjantsev


I received IMX6SLEVK and try to bring up u-boot working for it. I compiled U-Boot from Denx site for this board.

I see that U-Boot send debug output to debug UART, via serial console on my Linux PC but i can't sent anything back. TX line doesn't work....even i tri to see with oscilloscope - no data from FT232RQ TX pin.

Maybe the problem in ftdi_sio driver in mt PC? I'm using kernel 2.6.39, so i took driver from 3.4 branch and put it in my current kernel. The reason the same - no TX data.

I checked Android's images from cards that shipped with board, but had same situation.

Why that can happen?