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MQX 4 - HTTPSRV : sockets stay opened

Question asked by Yvan BOURNE on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by thiagow



I use MQX with HTTPSRV.


When I access it slowly (normal use), all is ok. But when I keep my finger on the keyboard F5 key on my browser, the HTTPSRV becomes blocked.

Then, I pause the debugger, and I can see that sessions are closed (in the tasks list) but sockets are stay opened (the number of opened sockets is the same as HTTPSRVCFG_DEF_SES_CNT).

These sockets will be never closed...even after a very long time.


With more sessions, the problem is the same, with more sockets opened.


For information :

- the webpage is a no frame page

- I tried different parameters (keep alive, number of session, blocks size, socket options : OPT_SEND_NOWAIT, OPT_RECEVE_NOWAIT,OPT_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT, OPT_KEEPALIVE...)


I'm trying to resolve this problem for more than one week at this moment :-(


Help is needed !