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Migrate from HCS12 to HCX12

Question asked by Eric_t d on Mar 14, 2014
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I have two projects with mc9s12dg256 (256KB flash, 12KB RAM)

The first one uses 220KB flash and the whole 12KB of RAM.

The second uses 32 KB of flash and 2KB of RAM.


Now I have to merge the two projects to mc9sxdt512 controller.

I have successfully moved the first project to mc9sxdt512 (many thanks to Edward Karpicz for his excellent answer at this post:

The problem is that the first project uses the whole unpaged RAM, so the second project has to use the paged RAM.

Unfortunately moving pointers and variables to paged RAM is not so easy. The project implements Can Open and it was developed by another person.


I am wondering if there is any kind of solution to have more linear unpaged RAM (Actually I need 14KB)


Thank you