"Your password has expired" warning when login via ssh

Discussion created by PeterChan Employee on Mar 14, 2014

When you try to login an EVK board from a host PC via ssh from ethernet, you may experience such screnario:


$ ssh root@10.X.Y.Z

root@10.X.Y.Z's password:

Last login: Thu Jan  1 00:01:31 1970 from XXXXXXX

WARNING: Your password has expired.

You must change your password now and login again!

Changing password for root

New password:

Retype password:

Password for root changed by root

Connection to 10.X.Y.Z closed.


Retry again is still the same and the EVK can never be login by ssh.


The reason is the EVK does not have a coin-cell battery to keep its real time clock and date is always reset to "Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 1970" after power on. By setting the correct date to the EVK, this problem can be solved.