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i.mx6D VDDARM23_CAP Grounding

Question asked by ottawa-imx6 on Mar 13, 2014
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We are currently working on a i.mx6D custom board and have come across a very strange issue.

Perhaps someone who is using this processor can shed some light.

In all documentation we have seen, it is suggested to bridge VDDARM23_CAP to ground when using the DUAL version of the i.mx6 processor (i.mx6D).


Upon initial board bring-up we found that the processor power usage and temperature are unstable and very high.  With R23 in place, the processor uses double the power and reaches the trip temperatures within a minute with no load.

It was determined that only by removing the suggested ground connection (by removing R23 in the attached schematic) could the processor stabilize and reach a useable state. This is in conflict with the suggested layout for the i.mx6D.

Currently running 2GB ddr31600.


Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

I am working on optimizing temperature and power usage. Can anyone clarify how they are using the DUAL processor?