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MQX_ROM_VECTORS not taken from user_config.h

Question asked by aroste on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by aroste

Hi all,


(CW 10.5, MQX 4.0.2, K60N512VLQ10)


I stuck in that issue so I come to you.  I cloned a TWR-K60D100M and copy it into my workspace.  OK


I created the FNET 2.6.3 bootloader and a release version of my application.  The application downloads and runs, but I encounter the following issue:


I found out that MQX is not using the ram vector table.  "MQX_ROM_VECTORS   0 "  is declared in the user_config.h file, then in small_ram_config.h the "#ifndef MQX_ROM_VECTORS " seems to work properly.  (Seems..)


But I can see in vectors.c that it takes the MQX_ROM_VECTORS as '1'. 


I cannot find from where it comes.  I checked in my previous project where I had a cloned BSP from twr.k60d120m and it works properly. I can see with CW in the files where the code lines are included or not (grey highlight that informs that define doesn't include that part).


Someone to help? 

Some wrong project settings?