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MKW01xx DIO0 and DIO1 ,,enhanced performance''

Question asked by Pavel Kral on Mar 13, 2014
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From MKW01xx Reference Manual, Rev. 2:


4.4.1 Additional Transceiver Status Signals


The MKW01Z128 transceiver has a total of six outputs (DIO5:DIO0) that can be programmed as status  indicators:

  • DIO1 and DIO0 are connected to MCU GPIOs, PTE3 & PTE2, internally to the package. For certain software configurations, improved performance can be obtained by connecting to additional GPIOs, PTC4, and PTC3, off chip. These connections are used by applications software in packet mode.


Does it mean use of LLWU (i.e.SyncAddress, CrcOk,... ) on PTC4, PTC3 to wake up sleeping MCU when transceiver do radio RX duty cycling or anything else ?