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USBDM PA4 problem - readback of the flash contents does not agree with buffer

Question asked by JohnnyS2K on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by JohnnyS2K

Hi pgo,


Thank you for the new version of the USBDM (!


I have installed this version of USBDM on my computer but I cannot get it to work with the PA4, programing via the Codewarrior (10.4) sometimes work / sometimes not (then  I have to cycle power to the PA4).


Through the HCS08 Programmer utility the chip can't be verified after programing and the error shown on the picture below occurs (readback of the flash contents does not agree with buffer).


I have noticed that I can't change the NVTRIM value when I check the trim frequency checkbox, on my test firmware I have pointed the NVTRIM @ 0xFF6F (thats the correct value right?) but on the HCS08 Programmer the value is always fixed at 0xFF6E. On the Codewarrior Run Debug settings / USBDM configuration the value appears correctly when I enable the Clock Trim Configuration





Captura de tela 2014-03-12 21.06.39.pngCaptura de tela 2014-03-13 10.22.11.pngCaptura de tela 2014-03-12 21.07.54.pngCaptura de tela 2014-03-13 10.19.00.png