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Kinetis K60 FPU Benchmark

Question asked by Scot Sakolish on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by Marc Lindahl

Hi, I'm using the TWR-K60F120M Tower module. I have the FPU enabled 'FPU with hard vfp passing' and ''c9x' model. I have code that performs 100,000 floating point adds in a loop. The results are as follows:

Kinetis FPU enabled               ~120ms

Kinetis No FPU (software)     ~500ms

Coldfire MCF52259CAG80     ~150ms

Does these numbers seems resonable. I guess I was expecting the Kinetis to be a magnitude better than the Coldfire (which does not even have an FPU). Can the Kinetis w/FPU be only marginally better that the Coldfire libraries, or do I have something not configured correctly?