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Real time implementation of cluster based microcontroller for faster processing and decision making

Question asked by HARI PILLAI on Mar 12, 2014


I am doing my in automotive electronics and embedded system . My Mtech project is to implement direct torque control for induction / PMSM motor on a multicore microcntroller.

The main aim of project is to execute code required to calculate actual torque and reference torque of DTC of induction motor independently on two different cores

improving motor response.I need information about microntroller on which it can be done(quadcore preffered). Is it posible with freescale microcontrollers??


if i connect four single core microcontroller is it possible to make it work as quad core?? Does freescale support that architecture if so please do tell me how to connect and synchronize the data transfers to make it a quad core if not what are other ways in which i can proceed?

My min requirements are

clock speed - 20 -40 mhz

min 6 pwm channels

multicore(prefarably quad core).

please guide me .