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Uboot configuration

Question asked by Vasileios Tzizilonis on Mar 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Prasanna Kulkarni


I want to change the configuration of the Uboot for iMX6.

The uboot as I understand has a configuration that goes that after you download it to eMMC or SD card goes and writes that configuration in the emmc before the main partition.

So even if you change uboot that configuration remainsis it is not formatted. You can change that configuration if you run some commands from the uboot have installed and write that conf.

That configuration is if the uboot will look from ethernet the linux image and etc.

My problem is that in the board I have I do not have a console output to set the configuration file after I download this uboot, So I have to set them up in the bin.

The ltib I am using has just the basic for building the uboot. Does anyone knows where exactly is the source  file for that or another more detail way to configure uboot


Thank you