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iMX6q OpenCL drivers (Ubuntu)

Question asked by Mathias Radtke on Mar 12, 2014


I am currently working on a research project where we build up a cluster consisting of nine Wandboard Quads. One is the head and eight nodes.

We started the project with the standart Ubuntu SD Image with kernel Version 3.0.35+


OpenCL was then working very fine


Due to a network conflict and the need to have the cluster in a seperate network we bought an USB network adapter to connect the head with the internet and the onboard ethernet chips are used for the closed network.

so far so good

due to incompatability with the used kernel version the kernel had to be updated to version 3.10.17 and the network driver has been backported successfully.

But now OpenCL is not working, when i try to start a programm i get the message


ioctl(3, 0x7530, 0x7e9191d8)            = -1 ENOTTY (Inappropriate ioctl for device)


So i guess the Kernel API changed in the new used kernel

are there any OpenCL sources for this specific Kernel version to get OpenCL running again?